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  • You're very welcome, SP99 (re the classic pool Youtubes I've uploaded. Glad you enjoy them. Plenty more coming.
    Just to let you know SP99 I have enjoyed your threads as I'm sure others have.
    I was stuck until I read your thread. After reading your thread a light went off in my mind and now I'm on the road to playing better.
    I've played for over 50 years but ran into playing well accidentally. My game started to fall apart I didn't know how to fix it. So I quit for 10 years.
    Started back playing in Jan 2010. I told myself, no matter what it takes I'm not quitting this time.
    So I took the plywood off the table and started practicing again.
    It's been a long and painful trip so far, but with guys like you trying to help I really do appreciate your
    suggestions. For me they are working.
    John (One Pocket John)
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