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  • hay man my bad. my phone batterie died on me, gotta let it charge. give me a call if your down in manteca we'll head over to break time and hit 'em around. and remember what i said about tommie. in person it'll work the best!
    Hey man, where are you going to give me your address. I got some DVDs to send you.
    howdy suge, hows it going ? i hope the flooding didnt harm you or oyur family,

    Im teaching 3rd grade at an international school.
    damn the cue show! i wish I could hit that up too! take some pictures of the cues for me and post em up.
    Im gonna go play pool this weekend so I'll try an snap some pics.
    I ended up just buying a bebot bautista cue. I figured since the weather in thailand is similar to the philipines, I wont have to worry about warpage and it would be a good opportunity to try out a philipine makers cue.
    I have to say, Im really impressed with the hit and quality! It looks great and plays really good for only 250.
    Afew guys even thought it was a southwest! ahahaha.
    things are good over here man. works still slow (real slow!) but the cue show's coming up so i'm psyched about that. i'm still using my gilbert (the ivory jointed one) i'm planning on picking up something at the cue show though so i'll let you know how that works out.

    What exactly are you doing over there? can't wait to see the pictures man!
    wasup man. its been good! real good so far. the job is fun, the city is fun. its just that Ive been so busy with work that i dont have much time to play. Im trying to shoot at least once a week, but even that is hard!
    I did play in a tournament a few weeks ago that had almost the whole United Arab Emerits national team from Dubai playing in it. I drew one of those guys first round and thought I was gonna get skunked, but ended up winning 6 games in a race to 8 so I wasnt that disappointed. I met Monto, thai tom and I also met Cuaba. All of them are really nice guys and good players. I havent really seen too much action yet but i will keep you posted and also post up some pictures of the pool rooms asap.
    Hows everything going with you? what are u playing with these days?
    Yo Gangsta!!!! how's thailand treating you? you getting any action over there yet? i bet you can get crazy spots over there huh? how's pool in general in thailand? you meet any of the az'rs from thailand yet....montoP2? how do you like your new job?
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