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    Bonus Ball question

    Does anyone know what the races are to in the Bonus Ball matches?
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    Jimmy Wetch is alive

    Mods please delete the other thread that falsely states that Jimmy Wetch died last night. I just got off the phone with him and he is alive and well.
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    Hard Times 4 man mini

    Does anybody know who won the finals last night between Efren and Alcano? The ppv stream died during the finals and Povpool still has not posted who won.
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    From Grady

    From his Facebook: "My Daughter posted sensitive personal health information about me without my knowledge or consent. My doctor has never used the word "terminal" with me. I saw the word first on her post. I'm going through chemo, First three done, next three start Oct 27th. I had hoped to...
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    Norm Wines??

    Does anybody know if Norm Wines still plays?
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    Jake Jacobson from Colorado

    Anybody know this guy? Recently moved to Minnesota from Colorado and seems to be a helluva player and nice guy. Was thinking of taking lessons from him.
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    BcN DCC final match DvD

    Has anyone yet received their free dvd of the Derby City 9-ball finals from Billiard Club Network? It was posted on here over 6 months ago by BcN that due to technical diffuculties, subscribers would be receiving this dvd free. I have yet to receive mine.