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    Moisture in wrap "appeared"...Help...

    I took a cue to build a shaft for it on Tuesday. It's in my basement with all the cues and shafts that I have. On Saturday, I was moving a few cues around and noticed some moisture on a wrapless. Odd, since February, not a problem, so I look at the ceiling, nothing. Then I noticed the...
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    1985 H-2 Huebler - Excellent Condition

    More pics
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    1985 H-2 Huebler - Excellent Condition

    I'll let the pics do the talking. 19oz 13mm UltraSkin "M" tip I believe this is the original finish and ferrule. Tiny nick in the finish, had to blow up the picture a few times to even see it No wrap. Butt rolls true Shaft has a little runout Wood is really figured nicely Brown rubber bumper...
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    The latest project....

    When I was tasked with a SS joint conversion, I thought I had a fairly decent plan of attack...after my second try, I feel I did "ok". It's off to clear coat now and I will post some pics once its finished. As for "normal" cues, things are progressing quite well, I'm hoping to buy...
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    Shaftmaster portable lather for sale

    The guy selling is a good friend of mine. This lathe is pretty good for tip work and shaft cleaning. It's also an inexpensive investment to see if you like or want to do basic cue repair. I can also vouch for the hardly used portion. :)
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    Lets see some ebony

    No ivory joint, but the ebony with walnut is stunning! Bryan Mordt is an amazing and underrated (IMHO) cue maker. BCM Cues baby!
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    Alex's cue...for my boy.

    I just started doing conversions on one piece cues three months ago. I'm no cue maker, nor do I claim to be and this isn't anything stunning. To me though, it means the world as my son watched me create this for him. This is, what I call, a "fancy" conversion, it's the first one I did. I'll...
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    Clear coat...Take 2!

    I think my buddy has it down! This is the cue I'm converting for my boy. Added natural phenolic joint, ring and butt. I'm going to put a juma ferrule and UltraSkin skin tip on it, take the taper down a hair and then off to Alex! As for the clear coating process, the wood is cleared, wet...
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    Two old Brunswick Cues..what should I do?

    The shafts are shot and the butts are in so so condition. A good friend of mine has a bunch of these and gave me two of the "worst" ones to mess with. Providing the butts are straight after I cut them in half, I was thinking a SS joint on one with black cap/joint rings and the other in juma...
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    Clear coating...Take 1!

    The first batch of conversions came back from clear coat the other day. They actually turned out really good. My buddy is using automotive clear coat. A friend of mine bought a predator shaft and didn't have a butt for it, so he asked if I could make him one. There's another thread...
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    My "fancy" one piece conversion.

    Trimmed up joint ring. Sanded and almost ready for clear. My son can wait to get it and I've "hookered" up a one piece cue. Got a few more to do this week. Dexter says woof and have a great weekend!
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    My "fancy" one piece conversion.

    I wanted the bumper to be recessed, so I bored out the butt cap to slightly under the OD of the bumper. Fits great! Shaft time! Cut the tenon, glue relief and epoxied!
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    My "fancy" one piece conversion.

    Time for some butt action! Cut the tenon for the cap. Again, custom glue relief cuts. Glued that baby on, used tool post for some pressure. Break time...letting glue dry. He could sleep anywhere! Turned down the butt cap.
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    My "fancy" one piece conversion.

    My youngest son wants my Schon or Samsara...he said either would be fine. Really? You're 13, very responsible kid, but I'm not cutting him loose with cues over 2k. So I offered to make one for him and he was thrilled. So off we go! Cut that baby in half and faced it off. Installed the...
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    Is Acetal and Delrin the same?

    I know Delrin is the trademark name for Acetal that DuPont uses, but is it the same or close enough to the same? I found a 60", 1.375" rod on Amazon for $30. I'd using it mostly for making collets and a few other tools that I have thought about, but would it hurt for actual cue construction...