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  • hey there how are your cues coming,hey do you have a qctp on your lathe if so what kind and had any problems ,,read on here some where that some one has an a2z and they say it wont come back far enought on slide ??? but it was an older post from maybe 2010-2011
    I hope you do enjoy today to the fullest. They only come around once a year!
    Hey tank
    Quick question. Have any luck picking up old beat up house cues and restoring them to playability ? What sort of pitfalls should I lookout for with such a project?
    Got a customer of Craig's list selling me 24 cues for $35. Many look like house cues. They are beat up, missing ferrules and tips, etc. still for $35 its good practice and even if not 1-2 come out ok I shouldn't take a total loss.

    Pics attached

    got the dvds thanks a million still confused about what tooling would work with todds lathe he doesnt seem to have as much extras as chris hightower shoot me your adresss so i can send something your way for the dvds ,again thanks

    hi there tank would you be intrested in selling the dvd for the shaft conditioning and the one on ferrules and tips or are you looking to trade even up...im trying to get some referance material before i order the lathe from todd
    hi there tank i have a question for ya what do u use to shap tips on lathe ,i was thinking about getting the radius turner from todd but i cant seem to find any info on it,want to make sure that is whats it used for ,,feel little uncomfortable useing razor blade like i see on you tube all time
    thanks for replying I have a question for you want to play that you have that small motor really powerful enough to work with turning tips and cleaning that motor looks small just wondering
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