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  • i'd say around these parts that'd make you a stronger "C" player. maybe a 70 speed in the usppa. on a good night i figure to get out of open rack situations 65-70% of the time. 2 and 4 packs are rare but i've been known to hit people with 'em from time to time and i consider myself a strong "C" player.

    get rid of that hitch in your stroke and shorten up your bridge and i think you're position play and shot making (long distance especially) will go up at least a ball. after that it's all pattern play and decision making.

    keep us updated man! i'm rooting for ya
    i don't know what that rating means. i'm not real hip to them at all so me asking was kind of stupd on my part.

    in an open rack of 9 ball with all 9 left how often do you figure you get out?
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