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  • I got the racks today. To be sure I use them correctly.
    1) Nothing to peal, correct?
    2) Do the go with sticker up or down?
    3) If sticker up looks like that adds to the thickness and would also cause balls to slide more than the other material.
    4) Are there any written instructions or online site or videos?
    Sorry for all the questions but want to give the product a good shake down. I plant to use it Thursday night.
    Did I just read on your signature that you play with a break cue? But it seems that you're damn good! I honestly think that is ridiculously neat!
    I appreciate the response about tips and if I may ask for any preference you might have for tip performance as well as how long do you expect them to last ?
    I haven't been to Bailey's since December and likely won't be back until the general manager gets replaced. I was a lonnnnnngggg time regular until December so I might have met you there. Would likely depend on who's team you were playing on....
    Have I met you already at Bailey's? I'm Sean... I play APA league games on Wednesday nights and practice at Bailey's every Sunday.
    Thanks, the linked is blocked at my office along with most google searches that turn up anything of interest. I will send it home and see what I can find.

    I was just curious where you got your avatar. I have been looking to get a sexy billiard picture for my pool room. Any help would be appreciated.


    Ended up with the flu for Derby Week. Woke up heaving an hour before my alarm was set to getup and get in the car to drive up. Hope you made it and had a blast. I hit Janet's as often as I can get up that way. Next trip should be in about 2-3 weeks. If you want to hook up and play some banks and talk about the different methodologies I would be more than game. I hate driving back in forth from Knoxville when I am up there working so I usually grab a room and head out to play for a few hours. If you happen to get down in Knoxville I usually play at Bailey's simply because we have no good rooms left, but we can shoot some there. Mobile Number is (865)803-7558
    Hey Renfro, Are you going to be playing in the DCC Banks this year. I would like to get together and share some knowledge on banks. Im always looking for ways to improve my game. If for some reason i dont make it maybe we can meet at Borderline Billiards sometime.
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