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  • hi tony can u give me some advice please about the spf stroke...when i do this not droping the shoulder or elbow my shoulder get pain after playing 2 or m0re hours..some advice pls to get it right
    Hi Tony - I sent you a PM last night (at least I thought it went out). Did you get it? Looking to possibly set up a lesson in mid June. thanks - Bruce
    Tony, Hello and good day to you . My name is Tim I live in Northern Va and I would like to inquire about taking a lesson or two from you when I return home from Afghanistan sometime this August . Could you please pm me for prices and availability. Thank you .

    Very Respectfully,

    I now have him on ignore, read my last posts to CJ and his mouthpiece.

    I am wondering if I was the cause of it?

    Of course it gives him the last word in the thread until it is unlocked. That should play well with his OCD.
    Tony, btw -- I just noticed Mr. OCD's "Pendulum stroke sweet spot" thread is now closed. Looks like it caught the eye of some mods and they're hot on his trail. I don't wish bad for him, but man, the OCD meddling has to STOP! I've never seen anyone so lockjaw-fixated on such a known industry-standard "basic best-practice" foundational methodology. It's like he think's he's personally responsible for "taking it down," like he's some sort of Che Guevara pool rebel or something. ;)
    No problem, my friend. I would hate to see you let him prevent you from posting in the instructor forum. That would be a shame -- like not being allowed access to your "office" because there's a fly buzzing around. Just swat the fly -- put him on your Ignore List. Trust me, when his OCD rants aren't "in your face" out in the open, you won't be exposed to them, and you'll be able to relax. Also, if you do this, DON'T cheat -- don't click the "View Post" feature when you see his collapsed posts. Doing so voids the "sanity" warranty! :D
    Hey Tony, your pm box is full. could you clear out an old message to make room for one more? :)
    yup the coke bottle glasses and shaky hands are no good. Grab a 17-20 year old kid that can play, i mean a real player who knows what to do and let him rack, he would have perfect racks fast. The old guys dont see the balls come apart when they lift the rack off-thats what I noticed is the biggest issue. its just a better solution to the problem, not a knock on them, hell i'm 43 and Its harder for me to rack than it used to be. gotta keep it real, best eric
    Thanks for the offer. I live in Frederick, so it may be too far to meet. Next year my work is moving from DC to the National Harbor. I could meet you somewhere then. WW
    Just before the open he was in Jersey fixing 18 GC with broken rail bolts. I suspect I will hear from him in a week or two.
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