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    King of the Castle final match Split Pot

    Was watching the King of the Castle tournament. Winner got $16,800 and 2nd got $7800 or somewhere close to that. It came down to Eddie and Chris. I think Eddie was the higher ranked player as he had to spot Chris 1 game to a race to seven for Chris. If Eddie got to seven first than it...
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    Article about gambling with a Edge.

    This is about a BJ player in Vegas that counted cards and won a ton but also lost it. Spent time locked up. The one thing that really stuck out was how winning money just provided more more to play at higher stakes. I think that also applies to pool and Oscar said that playing for $50,000 was...
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    Curling Night in America

    Reading the sports page and looking at what is on the tube tonight I see Curling Night in America on NBCSN at 7:30. Is the market that large for curling? How many in the USA have ever played it? I have never seen pool listed in the sports page TV listing and have never seen any results...
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    Long cue questions

    Have seen many players now using longer cues. Are these made as long butts or is it by adding an extension? If an extension is added doesn't that throw off or change the balance? If the cue is originally made as a long cue is the shaft and butt the same length? Apparently taller players do...
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    Entertaining Novelty Shot Using Dominos

    This may have been posted before. I tried a search but didn't see that it was. The video is a litttle grainy but still entertaining. Merry Christmas 🌲🎄🎁
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    Racking Cloth????

    I was watching a tournament in England on UTube. When they racked the balls they put a cloth on the table near the end rail, placed the rack on it and then proceeded to place the balls inside the rack. Then the rack was pushed forward into position. This is something that I have never...
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    Great Showing by the USA Team

    The USA pool team entered a international pool tournament and really did well. They got a silver medal by coming in second place. The European team didn't do so good as they finished next to last. 🤔 🎱
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    What is the Best Rack Template

    I see there is a Accu Rack, and Turtle Rack. I know there were/are others. What one last the longest, best performing and prefer to use? Thanks 🎱
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    Cyclop Balls and Cloth Wear

    Diamond pushes their Cyclop balls. I think that they still use Simonis cloth on their tables. Simonis claims that their Aramith Tournament (Duramith) reduces table wear. I read that the Cyclop balls don't hold as much chalk as other balls because they are less porous. Do they also...
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    Pictures from the Past

    Came across this on while searching the web. Some pictures of players back when they were "kids" and a little history of the Derby. 🎱
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    The Last PH in Detroit

    Here is an interesting article about the last pool hall in Detroit. It is kind of said but just the way it is. I don't know if it really is the last one. I know that there are a few places where you can play pool such as the Blue Diamond but it is more of a bar with a lot of tables. The...
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    Top 10 Cues for 2016

    This is just too good to pass up. The ratings are based on over 19,000 reviews scanned. i think the one rated number 10 is worth investing in. Viewing the product it says that cue tip replacement might require the assistance of a tool such as a plier...
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    Crazy rules that you played by.

    I started playing pool years ago at the Boy's Club. They had a few pool tables that you had to reserve for 1/2 hour periods. If there was a solo player you could ask if they wanted to play. Most times it was yes and it gave a chance to meet a member. We were 7 or 8 years old and no one...
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    Why Concede the Last Ball

    Was watching the Florida State Championship. During a few of the games the player missed the last ball. One time both missed in the same game 2 times in a row. Some weren't that hard. The next game the one player conceded the last two balls. Another was the final match and it was the game...
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    US Tennis Open

    I got a email to attend the US Tennis Open that was for the bargain rate of $4575 for 2 nights lodging and tickets with tranfers from the hotel. Nothing else. I looked on line and seen some prices for days near the finals ranging from $150 to $7800 just for the ticket. I am not a tennis fan...