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  • Just saw your message, now hearing from you, do you have a list of cues and cases you want to sell, I can't buy the expensive one, ie Gina, but I might be interested in some of the less expensive ones. Keep in touch. Tom 407-963-1010
    Ed, how is everything going, still cue collecting or have you slowed down. This Tom from Orlando, that came over to your house a couple of times. Tom
    Hi There,
    thx for the rep- usualy no need- Enjoy it if it helps and ofc also if you enjoy it, too :)#

    take care and always a smooth stroke,

    lg from overseas,
    Send me your phone number by PM. My phone did an update and I lost all of my phone numbers. Thanks - Tommyd1
    thank you for the REP and kind words. I for what ever reason am in stroke writing and spelling today, LOL. That dosent happen often,

    hope your well,

    my very best

    eric :)
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