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    Sending Some Good Thoughts Will Prout's Way

    Does anyone know how Will is doing? Hopefully he is fully recovered.
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    Prewitt player cue Hoppe ring

    Awesome cue, I just wish I was using 19 ounce cues when I picked it up as I would have taken more time to enjoy a great cue.
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    Prewitt player cue Hoppe ring

    Sweet cue, I am pretty sure I bought this cue from Martin in 2011 and at the time I was into lighter cues so it was a catch and release for me. Like all of Ed's cues the build quality is excellent. Nice offering at a very fair price. Good luck with the sale. -don
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    Sold ☄️McDaniel Mc attack ☄️

    Great offer here, I have one of these and it's a sweet cue. Good luck with the sale. -don
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    Adventures of a Road Player Learning Life Lessons from Pool, Pimps, and Pistols

    Thanks CJ, Looking forward to watching. Thanks for sharing and stay safe sir. -don
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    Best player ever for the cash?

    I actually read that many, many, years ago and it was a good one too.
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    Best player ever for the cash?

    I read this book and enjoyed it a lot.
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    Best player ever for the cash?

    I would pick Alex Pagulayan
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    Best player ever for the cash?

    James Walden held up very well for the big, big, money through the 1990s.
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    New stick

    That is awesome, what a cool way to reinvent an old Schon into something special. Thanks for sharing. -don
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    Something different

    You are so creative it is sometimes hard for me to wrap my old head around your extremely cool designs, I can't wait to see the finished cue. You do incredible work sir and thanks for sharing. -don
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    One Pocket Action Match of the year!

    Is anyone else not getting the stream?
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    New Michael Morgan

    Super sweet cue, beautiful design. the blue ring work is sublime. I had one of one of his cues and it was a great player. Thanks for sharing and hit it in the greatest of health. -don