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    Don't just practice pool, practice taking falls!

    Been there done that. The first time I played David Matlock in the 1990s in a bar table tournament seemingly simple runouts looked like a Rube Goldberg drawing. Over the years I was able to overcome playing superior opponents and actually won a match here and there when I played my best and the...
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    Ned Morris Cue Owners, Only Enter Here. Are These the Best?

    Ned makes awesome cues, I picked one up from Martin several years ago and it was top notch. Beautiful set here. Thanks for sharing -don
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    Tascarella owners club only entire here !

    Nice pick up Brian, that is an incredible package. May you play with that beauty in the greatest of health sir. Thanks for sharing. -don
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    Tascarella owners club only entire here !

    Nothing shines up quite like the natural stuff. I picked up a sweet Tascarella shaft from DJKeys and took a little time to put one of my favorite Tad tips on it this morning. Can't wait to give it a test drive this afternoon in some one hole.
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    Mr. Kraljic, your cue is finished...

    Two words came to mind when I saw this beauty. Master Class!!! What a great design and as always with Bob, he knocked it out of the park on execution. Congrats on the new addition to your incredible collection Davor. Thanks for sharing. -don
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    Naoyuki Oi vs Yu Lung Chang (Asian 9-Ball Open) *LIVE*

    Thanks for posting these matches. Greatly Appreciated -don
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    🌶 Jerry McWorter Deco 🌶

    Very cool, I love this design. Thanks for sharing Davor, you have an incredible collection. Take Care -don
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    Super cool pick up, the word that came to mind for me when I saw is was "seasoned". I can only imagine how great those shafts feel. Thanks for sharing and play with it in the greatest of health. Take Care -don
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    Beautiful cues Nick, having owned a few of Cory's cues over the years I bet they are really going to be great players. Thanks for sharing sir. Take Care -don
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    How to learn One Pocket

    Perfect advice, this is what I was lucky enough to do with Buddy Hall and Bobby Baldwin in the early 1990s in OKC. Losing a few hundred to them paid off many, many, times over with the knowledge they were willing to impart on me.
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    How to learn One Pocket

    It was so fun watching Cliff out run the nuts in the 1990s when he would come to Oklahoma City.
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    🌶 Rusty Melton masterpiece 🌶

    WOW, WOW, WOW....That is one beautiful case. So much depth and character in the tooling. That is a work of art Davor, thank you so much for sharing. Take Care -don
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    How to learn One Pocket

    I was fortunate enough to play a week with Buddy Hall getting just enough of a spot to not lose every game for 25 a game. At the end of the week I think was around 350 loser but Buddy taught me a ton along the way and that money I spent that week paid huge dividends playing others my speed for...
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    High Stakes One Pocket Tournament-$10,000 Added-5,000 Entry-September 15-18th Action Palace in Dayton, Ohio.

    One man's mosque is another man's palace. Maybe they used that logo to get us talking about their room. LOL
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    Vigus cue w/ bridged veneers3 shafts.....

    Larry has been doing those rings for a while, Shelby does some similar. I had one of these Bridged pointed cues with that ring style on the butt from Larry about five years ago.