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  • Hey Don. Ummm... You have an email from some weirdo. lol. It was addressed to Don@pool4u.com with "Don Coats" in the address. Freak. :)

    Hi Don, I hope all is well. I wanted to check back to see if you had received my previous email about a call in the next week?

    As a reminder, we help clients like Verizon, Harry & David and Marriott International add business email and new contacts to their internal customer and prospect lists. We keep their CRM and business marketing lists clean by adding missing emails, replacing names where the emails no longer work, and adding fresh new names based on similar titles and industries.

    Let me know a convenient time and if you would like a quote on a specific project.

    Eric Dassa
    Don, Chip won the first set 15 to 10. The second set went 13 to 13 so Chip wanted to back it and raise the bet. Gabe agreed. I had to leave at that point. Gabe won the second set. Chip's backer pulled up. If I would have been there I probably would have stepped up to keep Chip going. Couple of locals stepped up with some cash. Chip caught a gear and took it down. Chip is playing strong. Wow, take down a US Open Champ.

    i had it sold a month or 2 ago, I cant remember who anymore. I can hold it, unless you changed your mind, if you did-its cool. your a very good friend and thats what is important to me, if you want i can hold it forever or move it, its a easy play for me, or you because the numbers are right. So I dont mind. I'm about broke anyways, 28 months of negative cash flow, 4K aint gonna solve my problems. your friendship is much more valuable to me.
    cool thats what i thought, i just wanted to be sure i'm bundling up some wood for someone else and they expressed interest and I said "nope", then I figured I better check. And if something bad happens and you change your mind-dont worry about it, your friendship is much more important to me than anything else. Perhaps you can win the Main Event the WSOP one of these years and we canthrow a big party afterwards. Thats what I'd like to see!!!! You would look great with the diamond braclet playing one hole. :D

    , I come with a few straight back banks that would make Broomback jealous then miss 10 spot shots in a row. I'm all over the place-so i'm gonna take a break for a few weeks and re-group. do you still want that cue i been holding it for you. I have sold off a few cues and bought 3 cues. I'm not adding $$ or taking $$ out of my collection just consolidating into more monsters and less players now that I have settled in on a player. No pressure on the deal, just asking.

    thats cool you won a tournment-especially in 9ball(who said one hole ruins your stroke?? you shut them down;) ), i never have. but I have only played in a handful of tournments.

    things are terrible here in Vegas-and about the same in LA. Kelly and I are 10000% she is going to Moab Ut for 3 days with her mom and sister, they been taking alot of hiking trips this summer, I havent went on one, Its more than I can do yet, I'm a little better. I'm planning on going elephant hunting in May/June 2011 so I will have to be fit by then-I know I can do that for sure. I feel fat rite now, but weigh the same. I can get fit fast if my back cooperates. My pool game is at a 10 year low, i'm playing worse than I can ever remember playing,

    shit its late I forgot to call you back, that steak was worse than a big mac. i dont know if i should call you this lite, your probably relaxed, I think i need exlax after that thing my god it was aweful. ring me if you get this and feel like talking or tomarrow,


    i got the numbers on that Showman(2 weeks ago but for got to call you) i 'll hook you up good if you want it.

    If you are still looking for a Bobby Hunter cue, I know I guy just outside of Chicago in Joliet, IL who has one.

    He is the owner of a pool room and a real nice guy.

    The cue is solid ebony with 2 shafts. I am not sure of the weight.

    Call him up and he'll tell you about it.

    Ernie Hess
    815 722 0964

    He is usually around sometime between 4 pm and 2 am.

    Good luck.

    P.S. I think he has a Scruggs for sale as well.
    hi Don,

    I sopke to Rixx and he is gooing to email me the .jpg of the pic of Ja and me, he is the coolest cat you ever met. I awalys like talking to Rixx, he is smart and real real good at what he does. If you want a copy of it I'll send you one.

    tkae care, eric
    if you like no pressure at all, your my friend and thats more important than anything to me.
    The Angels lost last night in 13 innings, not looking good for them. The Dodgers are tied 1-1. I just watched Danny Harriman dog it against Charie Williams. Pretty slow last night I beat Dan one set of race to three for 50 and he was more in the mood to talk cues. So we went back in the shop and started making me a new cue from a full splice cocobolo blank Dan got from Prather. We are going old style with green/white spec linen, knowind Dan the cue will be done when I get to the pool room Friday.
    whats doin, ou needs help , how is your world serise workin out i for got who you have , did you do anything last night ? see ya rob
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