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    Your Cue Stick History?

    I have about 25 cues including a very nice Mottey, a Bender, a one of a kind Scruggs, and a SP Scruggs, a Josey, but, for quite a while , I have been mainly shooting with a Jackson. It's just felt right lately.
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    Fast Larry

    Picky ! Picky!
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    Fast Larry

    I do remember that.
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    Fast Larry

    He was an acquired taste. He called me every name in the book after I created a satirical thread that had his multiple personalities fighting with each other. A year later he sent me a video of him and that wonder dog of his.
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    Fast Larry

    FL and I used to go round and round on the old PlayPool forum but we made up and ended up getting along as well as one could with Larry. I liked him.
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    Opinions on JOSS cues

    I have a nice Coker. I said a lot of strange things 13 years ago. ;)
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    How to use reaction emojis

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    I was a pretty good player at one time but old arthritis is getting me down. I still start out strong but then the back starts hurting after about 2 hours and then i'm not getting down on my shot. I was reading that JA-Appleton thread where Appleton said he didn't like those long races. Heck...
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    New to forum

    Just joined. Have played pool for 40 years. Like all games. I play with a Josey SP. Have looked on for a while. seems like a great forum.
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    Glen Phillips

    I was talking to a guy who said his grandfather Glen Phillips was a well known road hustler several years ago. Said he went by a nickname. Only certain associates knew his real name. Wouldn't play in tournaments. From West Virginia but left his wife and 5 kids and went on the road. Great pool...
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    long straight ins

    I'm feeling better. I'm making nice cuts. Banking great. Running some balls. My confidence is high for everything but long straight ins. I miss as many as I make. Anybody have any thoughts? I don't think my mechanics are bad. I'm almost 61. Is it an age thing?
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    I'm glad

    I'm glad I didn't go. I can tell from the absolute lack of neat stories about any great action matches taking place that this was the Derby to miss.
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    action at dcc???

    This is the first time in 5 years I haven't gone to the Classic. I was hoping to read about action and I haven't seen anything discussed other than SVB-Reyes. Have I missed some threads? Also AZ posted bank pool brackets and 1st 4 rounds of one pocket and then nothing. Am I just overlooking...
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    A challenge

    Here's a challenge from a character on AZ I,ve been "debating." However, I'll make an offer to you or ANYONE who may think the way you do (although I can't imagine anybody thinking that way other than you) I OWN 30 different cues. (Does that qualify me as a collector?) What cues are they...
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    Pam Treadway

    I was talking to a lady who said she was Pam Treadway's aunt. She seems to think Pam is the next big thing. How good is she and what is her potential in your opinion? Thanks.