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  • Hey there! It is very clear to me as an outside observer who the instigator is here now. The past is the past He has pulled up more than one old thread just recently for no better reason than to stir things up. The Bishop Bail thread for example(this one). Sad and kind of pathetic.
    Ah! Read about Studio Wrestling and how it regularly featured talent from CWC/WWWF as well as a few other territories in the Northeast. I gotta remember that many territories/promoters used the same talent back then.
    Hey Tom did you watch Capitol Wrestling hosted by Ray Morgan in the late '50s and early '60s? I came across one of your old posts mentioning Buddy Rogers, Argentina Rocca and The Fabulous Kangaroos during a search for Fabulous Kangaroos.
    You're welcome, tom.

    Tough situation, and you have my sympathies and prayers.

    I'll PM you later today.
    Thank you for the greenie. It came as a surprise. Maybe you should man up and oppose these posters of low moral character that subscribe to Info Wars and other alt right websites. Sometimes silence is a moral and ethical sin.
    I'm sorry I did my poll. But I think Mr Howerton is paying attention and doing a good job. I'm fine. Not interested in posting much.
    Just touching base with you. How is everything going? I am still arguing but I gave up caring if the ban me. It looks lihe Mike Hoverton may have told the mods to be sure they are right when they ban someone.How do you think I would do on a poll similar to your?
    I see you will be around awhile. I also see you have been battling withe same group for a few years now, even on other forums. Ugot and I have apparently ceased talking and I told CO I did not like him and wanted to not talk to him again. Str6poolplayer is just as bad as any of them. Good luck with them
    Thanks for the green, Tom! Bless her heart, but even when she gets some things right, there's always something wrong as well! Same deal with Rush. God bless you and keep you.
    I elevated my complaint to Mike Howerton. It appears he is aware of the problem He pointed out that Wilson is the Moderator but HE IS the owner. Told me if I ever get banned he will investigate. Turns out he might know me. I lived in Phoenix for 7 years. I thought I was a gonna for my last post and I mention 'LILLYWHITE". The mob still want to tie us together, maybe literally.
    Forget The Terrorists: Malls Already Under Attack from Black Mob Violence: Ugotda7 may have outdone himself. I wrote to Wilson again and plan to also foward complaint to Howerton. If they want this to be a Right Forum call it that and I will not post here.
    I complained to Wilson about Casual Observer. While he did not state who his remark was directed at he threatened me. He did not address right or wrong except to say the center of drama. But I expected that the KLUB has its latitude because the mods share their view.
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