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  • Buongiorno Tommy,
    I visited some messages of you and I without knowing you at all, I allready can confirm that you know a lot about cue reparing, many cue brands and their properties and I'm sure about Billardstuff at all!
    That's why I really would like to know YOUR oppinion, about that Schön augmented 2013 their Ltd. editions from 12 to 25 and the Elite from 7 to 12 !?
    If you got a minute, please read my posted Schon social group dicussion:
    - A greath merchandising concept or just a big mistake?! -

    All the best from Switzerland, Roberto (al-capool)

    P.S. I would really cool, if we could be friends!
    Thanks to Tommy for the really great repair job he did on my Brunswick cue. Tommy does super nice repair work. He turned the shaft on my cue (that had a completely broken off ferrule and tenon, and many other deep dings/dents in it) into a shaft that looked and felt brand new. The ferrule and tip is also very flush with the shaft, and the shaft just feels amazing. He also did a really great job fixing the roll out that was in my cue by refacing the joint and shaft to the best of his ability, and I am very happy with the change in the roll of the shaft, which I think could not have gotten fixed any better then how it is now. He also cleaned, repressed, and resealed the wrap, and it looks and feels super nice now. If you need some type of repair done to your cue, then you should send Tommy-D a PM, and ask about his very reasonable prices that he offers on a cue repair.
    Well that makes sense then. i've only hit with 1 ss jointed cue that i really liked. one was a schon with sharp points. before they got whored out. to be honest all it takes is the specs and a cue maker to pick out decent wood and duplicate it. everyone's forgetting that it's really only the name they're paying for
    moosehead bridge advice... thanks again for the helpful info. -Marlo
    p.s. found some high-grit films at wal-mart just like you said =)
    Me too! I had to explain to my 14 yr old niece how vinyl records worked,and what the difference in sound quality was,LOL. The commercial that avatar was taken from was Maxell,back when they made the best blank cassettes,LOL. Oddly enough,the first place I ever saw that ad was in Playboy! Any word on what the big news was? Hope all went according to plan,Tommy.
    glad i got you there, hope your doing good and thank you for the friend invitation, i dont really know how that works, but your my friend, I have awalys liked you and your avitar-I remember that commercial from whan I was a kid wasnt it BASF cassette tapes? man that was along time ago. i'm starting to feel old. I was watching adam-12 the other day and I recognized alot of things in the background that was shot on location in LA-in the earily 70's.

    have a great week,
    eric :)
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