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  • Actually it isn't their choice. You either have a subscription or you don't. IT's my business it's not yours. It's not even a business lol.
    Hey, why are you posting on my page? I know exactly the difference between a subscription and a PPV, I also did not tell people what to do. All I did say, is that people can subscribe if they want for a month, then unsubscribe the following month for whatever reason, it is their choice.

    If I want to watch a content for this month, I can sub to you for 14.99$, then watch for the duration of THIS MONTH OF WHICH I SUBBED, then the following month I can unsubscribe and it is my decision, it is completely normal to do this, if you're into business and don't know this then I'm sorry for you.

    I can also subscribe and pay my 14.99 to your company, then watch whatever I want for 5 days, then UNSUBSCRIBE! It's my choice too, this is what the other guy wanted, and it is completely up to him to do that, he isn't compromising any rules or laws, live with it!
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