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  • You are a gentleman, I appreciate you giving me your honest feedback, having tried the brands you mentioned(and liking them), I would guess it likely isn't for me.

    Think incredibly highly of you for your honesty, instead of trying to sell me something

    Wish there was more folks like you in the world.
    What are you doing? Why are you posting in my business? Why are you trying to tell people what to do. I don't get it.

    A subscription is a subscription otherwise it would be a $40 PPV charge. I working for Diamond so I must know what I'm doing here.

    Just never understood the way people clown around on abilliards all the time and fight with everyone.
    Oh, the Ultimate tip tool will allow you to shape your tip to either a nickel or a dime, and it also burnishes the sides of the tip to prevent mushrooming. Get one!
    Thanks for the green!
    First start with a porous tip...milk dud, sniper, or black kamui. Then shape it to a nickel (if you have a 12mmm or larger) or a dime (smaller than 12mm). Always keep it well manicured (these tips hold their shape well) and you will be able to get all the english you want without fear of miscuing. Oh, Blue Diamond chalk helps too!
    Take care,
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