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    Who's playing straight pool today?

    Who's playing straight pool today?
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    3d Pool Videos

    I was looking up video equipment and found some information on 3d video taping. Is there any video of pool in 3d that anyone knows of?
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    A pro organization should represent how many?

    How many players should a pro organization represent? The PBTA once seriously considered having an entire tour with only 16 players.
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    Tips for pool commentators?

    What tips do you have for pool commentators? My biggest complaint is any distraction from the match at hand while players are at the table. Pro pool matches when viewed live can be very suspenseful and exciting. Try and convey that excitement and limit discussion to shots at hand for the most...
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    Match lengths at World 14.1

    Were there many problems with matches running late? Were shot clocks used? How did they affect play?
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    Seminoles bail out Florida

    It seems the Seminoles don't just support pool, they support Floridians as well...
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    Chess clocks in straight pool

    I think this topic should have its own thread. Here is 3andstop's post from the other thread.
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    Today's/yesterday's runs...

    Today, so far, I have run zero. Yesterday, I ran zero. Can anybody beat that? I will run at least 14 a couple of times here in a little bit, if all goes according to plan...
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    Straight pool races

    My playing partner and I started practicing straight pool playing races. We get one inning each starting with ball in hand on a break shot and score 1 point for high run and 1 point for each 14 ball rack run. Winner of previous inning shoots first. It seems to be working well since he put a...
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    Today I will run

    thirty or more, at least twice, on my table with 3 and 7/8 inch corners and 4 and 3/8 inch sides and cloth from the turn of the century. Just thought I'd share.
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    A good drill

    I'm not sure if this has been posted before, but it is a good drill for 9-ball and other rotation games. Place two balls a little off the rail at the first diamond above the side. Take ball in hand and alternate shooting these two balls up the rails playing position on the other ball and...
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    I lied about my pockets...

    I'd like to apologize for lying about my pocket size. My corners are 3 and 7/8 on the outside, but my side pockets are about 4 and 3/8 inches on the outside, not 4 and 1/8 like I have been claiming. I must be losing my mind! While I'd like to think I can play just as well without that extra...
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    Why did Jasmin miss at hill-hill?

    Why did Jasmin miss in her hill-hill match last night, for those of you that saw the match?
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    Do you aim the cueball or the cuestick?

    Do you aim the cueball or the cuestick?
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    practice, practice, practice

    Lately I've been practicing straight pool. Since I'm still working with shoulder problems I started very slowly running the same low number of minimum number of balls from a break shot 5 days a week and am bumping it up a very small amount each week. I start each run saying that I need X...