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  • Hi, Just check on ebay...I have a few very unique cue listed. Looking to move a really nice Mike Bender and will be happy to show them in person in you're at steinway. Just call me direct at 646-824-7092.
    Mr Cornbread,
    My name is George Phillips and I live near you in Yorktown NY. I have been building and repairing cues since 2003, mostly as a hobby but have built and sold probably 50 to 60 cues over the past 10 years and I am a cue repairman member of the ICA since 2009 I think. My email is gpcues@optimum.net but my phone number on the ICA site is wrong. I can probably help you with your cue repairs if you are interested. I hope to be at Jack & Jill's in Brewster tomorrow night playing one pocket with my friend Sean.
    I'm not positive about going tomorrow night (2/17) so check with me first by email (i am a habitual lurker so please don't send me pm's since I rarely sigh on to check them. I hope to help you out one way or another.
    George Phillips gpcues@optimum.net
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