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  • Jay
    I am considering selling the Weston. Since Perry passed away I find myself to concerned with damaging it to play it any more and I am not a collector. If you are serious about buying it I will take some better photos and send them along to you. I have only one original shaft which is 13.3 mm and I had a Lucasi Slim 30" fitted to it by Pechauer that cost me $220 this last May that could go with it or not. The cue with the original shaft measures 60 inches as it does with the Lucasi as well. I have never weighed it but would guess it to be upper 19 oz range.
    Let me know and feel free to ask any questions that come to mind. Its a level 3 cue according to the Blue Book and was listed at $900-1200 prior to Perry's passing.
    the only phone # I have for Joe Childs is an old one , but hell he's an old guy!......hehe

    I'll see ya in LR sooner -R- later.............

    Hi, no I don't have it anymore. I sold it on Ebay some years back, after I started building my own. It was a solid cue though. I think I sold it to pay for the shaft cutting machine Joe built me. He helped me on several aspects of cue building as I was starting out. He is a cool dude. I haven't talked to him in years. I hope he is doing well.
    they were signature in points...I no longer own them, one went to krbsailing and the
    other to 12squared.
    Jay, no I haven't been to Little Rock since March, I played a tournament over at Krome's one sunday, hopefully I'll make it back up there sometime.

    no sold that a while ago but have a good selection of used cues if you are looking for something else. thanks
    Hi Jay,
    just came back home. Got your mail on the AZ – our deal will be done!

    Tell me the paypal-adress and I will send you the money ($600,.-) right in a few minutes :) .

    Like I said, it will take 2-3 working days to transfer some money on to my paypal account. So I will do it tomorrow and I think it will be there hopefully on tuesday.

    Thanks, regards Chris
    send me a regular email address I can't figure out how to attach a pic to this type message
    If you search on my threads started, there are some pics of my cues. If you want to see more detailed ones of the Weston, I can take some, but not til saturday. Do you have a Perry Weston?
    It has been a while. No I still have it. With the cue market being cool I haven't made any effort to sell any in quite a while. I figured they weren't eating anything and the market will come back.
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