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  • Hi...I was and am a professional billiards promoter in Toledo, Ohio. I usually lurk in AZ but I read it every day. I was a big fan of Deadwood and was very sorry to see the series cancelled.

    I have a female friend, Faith Kelleher, who whenever the Deadwood series comes up in conversation ALWAYS brings up her favorite character, Mr. Wu! Her favorite scene was when the drugs got stolen and Mr. Wu and Swearingen were going on about the two co**suckers! lol!

    When I told her that you are on my pool group on AZ Billiards and that you play pool, she just about went bat-shit crazy!

    If it is not too much of a bother, I was wondering if I could get an autographed picture of you made out to Faith? I will pay you pretty much anything you want to get it for her.

    Thanking you in advance, and best regards....

    Tom Gearhart
    Good to hear from you. I miss reading your posts, but I am happy to learn you are doing well. So you're a SAG member too? Wow! One never knows who lurks on this forum. We must chat!

    We finally got the check from SAG. I am so happy for Keith. Now that he is on the SAG mailing list, he will get more. I am kind of glad that he had not gotten any for 22 years. This truly was a gift from above for Keith. He can take care of some things that he's been putting off.
    Yobagua, I understand completely. The forum has changed. Multiple identities are allowed to exist, banned members are posting, and the forum rules are not enforced anymore. Thank you for your friendship!
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