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  • Max Do you think you can make me that dymond wood shaft to break with? Cost? I want a 13mm long pro taper and a short phenolic ferrel half inch. Black shaft if possible. You dont even need to spray it the dymond wood can be buffed to glass. I have also decided to be a gentleman and play you even on the ten footer even though I think you are trying to steal.
    Max, I couldn't get my week off to build machine until the second week in December. We will have to work with that time frame. If this doesn't work for you please let me know. I can attempt to finish befor then but that would be pushing it. I just got my mill and lathe into place so that I can start. As far as software, I would download Mach3 and watch videos on Artsoft's web site. Cad software, I would use Bobcad ver. 23. You can download a free demo of that as well. On bobcad, if you give your correct contact information they will contact you the next woriking day. You can download with out putting in any info. at www.bobcad.com/updates
    I will be able to give you programs that I wrote for the machine. I will give you a call soon as we have things to discuss. If you bring a portable hard drive or something like that I will be able to help on traing information.

    Hi Max:

    Lee at Brianna may be offering some in the future. Right now I know of no one offering them. If I do find some I will email you. Send me your contact info.

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