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  • Bryan; You still making 3/8X10 stainless pins? I am going to need 20 or more of them if you have them to sell. I am out for events right now but I will be back home on the 30th of November. Let me know how much and how you want the payment sent. pay pal, money order, check. However you like will work for me. Do you make brass pins also?
    Daqvid Bucholtz
    Hi Bryan just saw the Alvie's cue two questions does it have a pro taper and will you take trade I have brand new j/b hustler case in black never used? Thanks John Cardillo
    hey bro thanks again for the cue! now that i got the tips broken in the cue really hits great! i owe you one bro!
    hey bryan i had emailed you regarding a cue i would like to have you make for me i have not heard anything back from you so i dont know if you recieved the email if you can let me know if this is the case i really look forward to working with you. you can contact me on here or email me at

    Bryan- no need to say thank you :)
    Just when i bought you cue after 10 years without pool it gave me the *final* kick to be back to my *old love* :eek:)
    And anyway.....your cues are excellent without any questions! Hope that it will rain a bit dollars in the future^^ the plan for my *custom* is ready....but the bucks are hiding :p

    lg and best for your family my friend,

    i'm trying to decide what the next cue iget from you should look like. you got another order coming from me pretty soon. i just gotta figure out the design first!
    Thanks again for the great playing cue! i'm $250 ahead since i started using it. i've been getting out like houdini!!!!!!
    I cant find anyonw here in town who will fool with the tungston carbide sanding arbors..
    I am in dire need of a set. as i am struggling to match butts and shafts
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