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CPBA Worsted Cloth, Cheaper alternative to simonis
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CPBA Worsted Cloth, Cheaper alternative to simonis - 05-01-2019, 05:55 AM

Just a tip I recently purchased an oversized 8 AE Schmidt pool table and finished my basement to accommodate it and after the remodel I was left kind of on a budget but the original felt was really worn out ( I purchased the table used ) so I checked amazon and found this

I took a chance and ordered it after seeing it was apparently used in the china 9 ball open I figured if its good enough for them its good enough for a complete novice, my local pool hall/bar with diamond tables has 860 on it and this seems to play a bit faster but its certainly new and after taking care to trim a few strings it installed easily and stretched fairly similar to simonis according to my installer with a little bit more give.

I've only had the chance to bang around a few dozen balls on it but initial impressions are good and the tournament blue color really is great. I understand simonis is the world class standard but if you're looking for cloth with no nap that plays fast this is a great alternative at less than half the price!

Might be worth a shot next time you recover your table it certainly feels and plays a lot better than the championship cloth my installer was trying to pitch me for same price

word of advice I'd make sure you tell them you dont want there logo on your rails or they'll print it across the rail strips.
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