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  • The cue maker is Erie Martinez.
    But you are looking at $1500 up and a long wait.
    You could try Cuesblues on here he is in Loveland and has lots of cues for sale.
    Good morning,

    I’m a fellow Denverite and am getting back into the game having just purchased a GC IV for my basement (the kids finally outgrew needing a playroom). Now I need to find a good cue to start out with. In one of your posts years ago you mentioned there being an excellent Colorado based cue maker. Do you mind sharing who that is? I love the idea of having a locally made cue, but am guessing that his wares are priced above my budget. Also, do you have any advice in terms of the local used cue market?

    Thanks very much,

    Bruce Joe Frady passed away on Apr. 10 He was in yhe VA Hosp at Lyons NJ. Pete called me Mon. with the bad news. I know u liked Joe alot as we all did. Larry Nickerson
    Yeah I saw you last Saturday. You said you liked my cue. A&E copper cue. I was playing Robert on table#3.
    AE makes a very very nice cue!!!!
    Hope you have a WONDERFUL day today!

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