10/27/12 Kokomo, IN - Open Player's Choice Tournament


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11/03/12 Kokomo, IN - Open Player's Choice Tournament

‎Saturday 11/03/12 @ 1:00 PM

Ryno Room Billiards 511 N.
Washington, Kokomo, IN 46901

Winner of the flip will choose game:
-Race to 5 in 8-ball
-Race to 9 in 9-ball or
-Race to 7 in 10-ball

Loser of the flip gets option to break first.

Winner breaks following...

Final 16 will re-draw with no losses!!!

$25 Entry, $10 Green Fee, Calcutta, $50 Chip Ring Games, Lots Of Action!!!!

Contact Erica 765-860-4224 or Korey 765-461-2636 to sign up or for more info!
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Go ahead.....run for it.
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Hey man, I wish you would take my girlfriends pic out of your avatar! Lol. The tourney sounds cool.