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  • I'm interested in the sneaky....I'm assuming it rolls straight? No paypal here so money order?

    Could you please tell me what RAKA epoxy has worked for you. I see the 1.5 quart for 39.00 is that the one. Thanks for your help. Mark
    Thanks for the kind visitor post on 4-11. Sorry it took so long for me to notice.
    I believe this is a 3/8-10 radial? If you still have this by Friday (my direct deposit goes in that day) I'll take it! I've been patiently looking for one. I pray you'll still have it. Thanks for reading.

    Albert ( I have 100% ebay feedback just in case.
    Thats freakin cool. I went to a cue show in October that was full of high-end cues, and I couldnt imagine having that many cues. It must be a good feeling, and Im sure Eric knows hes lucky.

    When I was visiting Eric (Fatboy) in Las Vegas, I saw two tall safes full of high end cues. Just a guess, but I'd estimate that he showed me about half a million dollars worth of cues and I didn't see any where near all of them. Just thought you might find this interesting.
    What's up Joe? I noticed the other night that you like Purpleheart so I thought you might like the cue I just posted pictures of in my photobucket. It's a sweet Capone Sneaky, I think you will like it.
    If only more people would open their eyes, they too would see things just as clear as you do my friend. Its reassuring knowing that there are others who haven't given up hope on the human race, lol.
    Thanks very much, Is everyone only worried about the dollars in their pocket today? I can't bring myself to support forigen companies that harm the enviorment, underpay people, and let workers get hurt and die...all to save $50? Because that's why those countries don't change that because the public still pays and they still make bank. Thats supporting the evil in the world, thats sucking the life and the quality of it off of the good people of the world. I would rather sanction them than drop a bomb. Either way most people and countries too have to get hurt before they change...whether it takes a bomb, a sanction, a slap in the face, or just someone just talking to ya...but its always after the face never during....because to the ones with the money that's all its about, MONEY
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