1987 Richard Black Bushka


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Nothing special here. My first Black cue. Did not make much money back then, so this was a big purchase for me at the time.

I was playing with a Meucci MO-3 (still have) because I could get it for $80 in Nashville in 1975, and it jumped to $120 for points. There were a few players at Cue and Cushion that had Blacks, so I make the move.

Stainless Steel joint vs the Meucci (wood/phenolic?) joint was an adjustment. Thought it hit pretty hard. But, after adjustment, I played pretty good.

Standard Bushka issue. Birdseye Maple, Mother of Pearl Inlays, silver rings, etc.

The Irish Linen was totally gone. Rough, fabric hanging, etc. Scott Gilmore had several green Irish Linens, but none that matched the original. He said that a spotted black worked well on some he had refinished for Richard. My wife was with me on that visit, and she agreed. So, we wen with that. Looks outstanding!

Here are a couple pictures.

Bushka and Shafts 01.jpg

Bushka Forearm 01.jpg

Bushka Butt Sleeve 01.jpg


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It is his "Bushka Cue," late 80s and early 90s. One of the best cues ever made. Richard had the sense of dimension and feel. That wasn't in the original thread title.

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Very good story, and the cue. I have a newer (2004) Black bushka, and I love its style and color very much. Even though the inlay work is not so accurate and aligned as modern CNC’ed cues, the retro and elegant style is very unique and attractive.


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I have had a Bushka cue also. Mine was a 60" I bought off Ebay.The price was right but the cue was beat up.The good folks at Proficient made it like new. I should have kept that one.

nick serdula

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I liked Richards veneer colors. I wonder who did his veneers. Your cue's classic design highlights his work.
Nick :)


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I love my Bushka. It's been may daily driver since picking it up. Beautiful playing cue.