1989 BCA 14.1 Championship Men and Women Finals


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Quote from the Miz upon being told that this was the first time a European had won on American soil:

"The Europeans are playing a lot better and you'll see a lot more of them over here competing."

Prophetic words for sure.


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I took a trip to Chicago to watch some of this event live. This event was really done very well in person. I remember so many of the competitors were just so happy to have this 14.1 event being staged again after a long hiatus - the atmosphere was just so regal, so professional, and so electrifying- I have always considered this event a highlight of my live pool viewing experiences.
Ortmann did not nibble at the racks like a lot of the old timers - he quite often smashed into the racks from odd angles and opened them all up -a style foreign to many there and it proved to also fore tell the future of 14.1 from a strategy viewpoint.