2 New Summit Sneakys with upgraded shafts


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Here are 2 brand new Summit cues with hand selected cocobolo. Both cues are full splice. The cue on the left has a curly maple forearm and the cue on the right has a birdseye forearm.
Both cues have a 5/16-14 piloted joint.

Cue #1 (left) has a Katana shaft with a 12.65mm layered tip.
The butt weighs 15.3oz
The shaft weighs 4.1oz
$250.00 including shipping and Paypal

Cue #2 (right) has a Tiger X-Pro shaft with an Onyx 11.75mm tip.
The butt weighs 14.9oz
The shaft weighs 4.1oz
$275.00 including shipping and Paypal



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Would u possibly consider a trade for some nice top of the line Golf equipment? The Coco into BEM is exactly the setup I've been looking for. My golf equipment is listed at the same trade value as ur cue. Considerations really appreciated.....:grin: