2016 AZB Ghost Challenge - Official Thread


7-4 win 10-ball ghost.


I haven't been putting much time into playing the ghost the last 6 or so months. I've been Trying to fix some things with my stroke. All the little changes I've been making have had me in a slump for a while. I still made a couple of simple, glaring errors (like the 8 I missed by 2 1/2 diamonds :eek:) but this is the best I've felt at the table in a while.

Nice Shooting!


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Thank you! You as well.

I don't think so. This thread hasn't been updated in a while and it has lost some steam. I enjoy watching all the videos people post and I hope this thread doesn't fall by the wayside.

I just lost hill-hill trying to get fancy like Efren and bump the 7 ball. ha ha. As I was thinking about the shot, I could hear Danny DiLiberto saying don't bump balls when you don't have to, but then also thinking that Efren moves them all the time when it seems he doesn't have to. ha h.