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  • the story is long. she told me the check was lost a month after it was altered and cashed. 140 to 144.62. it is a business account with a lot of activity.I didnt pick up on it till i was doing my taxes.
    i need to talk to you about doxy. i can't PM. can you please call us at your convenience? 336.240.3872 thanks! and....did i know that you were from ATL?
    I'll take Shaw 125 to 100??????? You should give me a lil sumptin for the 8 ball you were robbin me with.
    your pms are full bud, shoot me an email or message and i'll give ya paypal info.
    The Baltimore Bullet told me that and just until recently I have started to put it all together. Feel your stroke, consistant every time and the cue ball tends to be something in between your stroke and the object ball. Buddy should be a psychologist cause he knows what anyone is thinking on every shot.
    PIITH is mine, it was to make light of all the aiming sighting systems.
    Glad you like it, and remember that I will mail your nickel back no postage due if you pay me with a Franklin for the up and coming PIITH 2
    Just wanted to say thanks for the information you shared in the thread old lathes. Very helpful, thank you. Tony
    Hope all is well, glad you had my back on the action list- I call them like I see them and this was a gaff game for awhile. till shane started useing the break stick(funny) knowbody could have done it anybetter. Just like frosts last match with shane- I posted miss match Frost and Shane. have great night Sir.
    Yo Nic, all settled in yet ?
    Hows that back ?
    Stay in touch, your mom dropped off my lathe parts, thanks

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