Sold 2017 Wrapless Tascarella with 1 shaft

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This is a very good condition lightly used Wrapless Tascarella cue with 1 original shaft that was only test hit (Shaft is brand new). The butt weigh in at 15.15 with SS 5/16-14 Pin with 4 points and 4 veneers. The cue was used to win my recent Raxx 10 balls tourney tournament and cue butt does have minor finish blemishes but nothing that would requires a refinish. This is a true definition of a player's cue.

Classic Tascarella compression fit with the shaft weight in at 3.88oz and 13mm with original tip from Pete. The cue is straight together and apart and plays super solid as you would expect from any Tascarella cue. Asking $SOLD PENDING Shipped.



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