2019 U.S. Open straight pool championship......


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Am I missing something here???

They just had a U.S. Open 14.1 championship tournament and John Schmidt didn't even compete in it???

Is there something I'm not seeing?

Also....congrats to SVB for taking it down. If I'm seeing the brackets correctly, there were a BUNCH of big names that didn't play in this tourney. Why was that?

Somebody clue me in, please.



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Posted on Facebook by John Schmidt last night:

"Mark griffin and Csi I wanna apologize. I did not know about the events u just had at griffs when we booked apt for Monterey 14.1 attempt months ago and prepaid.
I would have played all the events but I could not abandon my project as many people involved.
U do a lot great things for pool and I feel like a donkey scheduling wise my fault totally"