2024 Mosconi Cup predictions (early)


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i think you're right about players coming out of the woodwork. first prize increased with 20-40k/player because of the reyes cup. i guess we'll see
I meant coming out of the woodwork due to a more cohesive "tour" due to MR and MR satellite events.


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They should make Strickland the captain! He has more passion and experience than anyone and can definitely get the team fired up.

JJ is great, but I feel he shouldn't be the captain any longer, maybe co-captain?


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No. I just think Lukas will surpass him this year.
If Lukas plays Wolford or Tyler Styer right now at this moment, I have Lukas beating both. Their Fargorates are not that far apart, but I believe Lukas is severely underrated (literally). There's a YouTube video of him titled "kid makes the game look too easy" or something like that. Good watch.

Despite losing to Fedor in that race to 21, he's having a crazy run right now.

My team would be, in order of their respective FargoRate:

Captain - Shane Van Boening (not playing)

Fedor Gorst
Skyler Woodward
Oscar Dominguez
Tony Chohan
Lukas Verner

No one below a 777 Fargorate with the exception of the rookie Lukas. I don't consider Tony a rookie since he's a vet in the game, despite never playing in the MC.
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