3 days of leveling


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Just kidding it was 2 hrs to level but 3 days to remove the growth rings and old daul action sander groves out of the slate. The balls would roll around like a question mark on the table like it was being guided by a thread. 1 end slate had 4 growth veins and 3 cracks in the slate she was fun. the other end slate had 1 growth vein going across the table were the balls racked.

After talking to Glenn I brought in a good friend Josh that did the finish work on the Brunswick Anniversary everyone loved awhile back.

A whole lota block sanding and some bondo later she started to feel good and roled great. Remeber the table is in the house and the option of taking the slate out really wasnt an option so if you do any sanding use water to cut down on dust, slate dust is hard to git rid of.

Here are some photo's plus I will post up some more.





see, another guy wearing an apron, it just makes sense, I have 3 of them, of course my new ones have my new logo on them. Just saying your a professional isn't enough, people like it when you like like one also. You don't have to look nice but two things I pride myself on is always being on time and looking like I am a professional. I also give embroided shirts and caps to all my good customers. Now I am also giving them another treat which I will display later this week.


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Now I feel bad just having to deal with all those wasps and spiders inside that Fisher this weekend....lol
I'm buying you a new camera, you're phone is getting as bad as mine!
Nice work Herminator, glad that it finally came together and that you beat George on it.:thumbup:


PHD in table mechanics
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when I first took the cloth off there were super speed bumps from the durhams ski ramps about 4" on each side of the slate seam. yip she was a beauty end slate felt like egg crate foam from all the ripples. Table plays great nice and level even George Michaels played on it for a few hours and loved it, he was there from start to finish.

This was just another curve ball thrown my way and enjoyed the challenge next time i'll bring a better camera. I took about 40 pictures as I get them down loaded i'll put up a few more.