3 month Wait for delivery of lathe


Otanisan Cues
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I think it depends on a few things , xmas time , tax time , but ordered a Deluxe in early March and got it a few weeks later ,btw Chris answered all my 1000s of emails and phone calls ,:thumbup:

Russell Cues

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Chris always replies to questions and IF he has a wait that long, well that tells the story of just how good the lathes are, as if they needed any confirmation. I digress...


AzB Gold Member
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Only about 3 weeks right now.
As mentioned the first of the year, Tax time, and Expo time sometimes gets me pretty far behind.
There is a little waiting list on custom cues.

Justin RC

Learning the hard way
It's worth the wait no matter how long. I bought one from Chris and while learning to make cues, I managed to screw some things up and chris was always there to answer questions and help me fix any issues that I caused through idiocy. I will be ordering another one, but I guess maybe after tax season. :thumbup: