6ft x 12ft snooker table for sale in Los Angeles, CA, area.

Alan Morris

U.S. Snooker Association
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Hi everyone,

A good friend of mine in the Los Angeles, CA, area needs to sell his British made 6ft x 12ft snooker table.

It's in excellent condition and comes with all the accessories as seen in the photos. He is looking for offers around $3,000.

If anyone is interested you can e-mail at: alanmorris@snookerusa.com

Thanks and best wishes!



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Alan Morris

U.S. Snooker Association
Silver Member
how much would shipping and handling to Dallas be? Thanks

I apologize that I am unable to give you an answer about this. However if you would be interested in contacting the owner, please do not hesitate to write me an e-mail and I would be happy to provide details.

Thanks and best wishes.