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A gift for you

“The Concise Book of Positon Play” & “The Secrets EXPOSED Consecutive Scoring For a Higher Average.”

This book offers billiard players some great learning opportunities in an easily understood format with an accompanying DVD to demonstrate the concepts even further. This 270 page book is logical in sequence with great approaches to both common and complicated shots. It is spiral-bound, so you can take it to the table and lay it flat as you work with it. It is intended for the intermediate and advanced player and is a must have� for learning how to control the position of all three balls. All of the various systems covered in the book are clearly demonstrated on the 80 minute long DVD. Some of the concepts Bill covers are: Foundation-basic Fundamentals, The Theory of Position Play, Big Ball Position Shots, Short Angle Position Shots, Four and Five Cushion Position Shots, Across The Table Position Shots, Shot Making versus Position Play and Simple, Effective Number Systems. The Sequel DVD is over 2hrs. of demonstrating 50 starting positions and narration of progressing diagrams showing the techniques and to run at least 3 points from each position!

Retail value is $109.00 HOLIDAY PRICE is $49.99, S&H. USA, $5.95, Mexico, $22.95 USD, Europe, $26.95 USD, and Asia, $27.95 USD. Send Payments thru PAY PAL to: mr3cushion@live.com PM me for more info.

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Bill Smith “Mr3Cushion”
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