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  • Hi Bill,
    Almost ten years ago(!) you put up a post selling copies of Joe Hood's book.

    Do you still have any available, and are these the Charles Ursitti reprints?

    hey Bill, this n_den, keith, i got your dvd from ebay, joerackem, was a little cheaper. fyi, i saw you play many many years ago in vegas when we were both younger, lol, nice to see you still around. k.
    fyi, i purchased your book on the recommendation of one of my tutors. thanks. k.
    You had a table for sale. I have no intention of buying it but I was wondering your room size? Space on the side rails looks a bit limited on the pics but I guess it's enough.
    Mr3Cushion, I heard you're coming to Los Angeles. I've mentioned you as the most qualified, top 3C instructor in the U.S. to my friend. He asked when will you be in Los Angeles cuz he's interested in lessons from you.
    Plz let me know.

    Thx Bill
    Hi Billy!
    Chicago Angel here ;)
    the book caught my eye-
    but just in case you know anyone-
    I'm sellling my 1972 Mercedes-Benz 350SL Roadster Euro Model. 33394 original miles and paint! But the car has been sitting for 7 years and needs to be flushed.
    And I'm also selling a 1970's Burton Spain 4 point, 2 shaft(1 is slightly warped)
    if no one buys the book, let me know!!!
    Hello mr3cushion,
    I'd like to order your 4th ed, the price of $39.95 is not to miss, but how do i do that?
    I am located in Melbourne (Australia), what is the shipping cost to my hometown?
    Hi Bill,
    Ludo is doing fine, Terri is playing in the same team. He still plays billiard in Belgium.
    Duvel... OMG are you kidding me??!! well let's say it this way, we now both know why the belgium people always smile...

    Anyway yes i think therese is coming to Las Vegas, and perhaps me also!
    It will depend if she can find some sponsorship... For us this trip is quitte expensive.
    Would be nice to meet in person!
    Best regards
    Hi Bill
    do you remember our online conversation during the sang lee tournament ( new york) We've made a bet with a guy from Croatia... Who tought he could beat Therese...
    Well he didn't show up... !
    I promised to keep you informed... sorry that this took al while.
    Anyway, how are you?

    Greetings from the Netherlends.
    BTW i promised to give you the best regards from Ludo Dielis ( Belgium Player)
    He wonders how you are doing.
    Hey ur thread was dying so I got it goin again.LOL Your budy Neil must have more time on his hands than I do.LMAO
    Last week Mike Sigel was really in stroke after he moved his arm out away from his body a little. He said that he didn't even have to aim his stroke felt so good. Straight back and forth with no chicken wing movements, as he claimed to have had in the Seminole tournament a couple of weeks ago. Then he went on to say that he doesn't even know how he aims - he just steps up and he knows it's in the center of the pocket.
    Bill youd know me if you saw me. Weve talked at Ultimate recently.Im a Freind of Weavers from Grand Rapids Mi. We talked about when you played Tung up there. Hows everything going in Cocco
    Hi Bill,

    Thanks for the donation to the USBA prize fund.

    Please send it to our club president Gary Scharf

    Gary Scharf
    2175 Aaronsway Dr NE
    Belmont, Mi. 49306

    Thanks again,

    Steve Andersen
    Billy, I need two Chevillotte 10 ft carom tables ASAP do you know of any available. we could both make a few bucks if you could locate. Thanks Jay Spielberg

    I contacted Longoni Cues and should have an answer for you on a 31 and/or 71 and also pricing on pro2 and pro69 shafts. I'll call you on Monday with info.

    Good conversation on slate thickness. Your points are well taken.

    The only thickness I'm sure about is my head.

    Steve Andersen
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