A video of me pocketing a quick 25


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Comes complete with a grand daughter shark.

Let me know what you see me doing right or wrong.

Oh yeah, the pockets are 3 7/8" (way too tight) but thats a post for another day.


You really didn't do anything wrong, the small pockets are keeping you from changing your plans when you don't get the exact position you want. On the ball before you missed when you tried to draw above the stripe ball and you ran into it, I would of played below it and shot it up table, but not on your size pockets. lol

Anyway great shooting, you might still be going if you had straight pool pockets.



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good video.
good shooting too.

the classic jump roping daughter sharking tecnique.
very funny



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Great shooting Andy! Don't tell her you were sharked, she might do it all the time, you know how daughters are!



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Grand Daughter Shark

Bless you sir for your dilligent focus and patience. If my 4 old year was jumping around the table while I was practicing I wouldn't be able to run 3 balls.

3-7/8" pockets?! Were you Johnny Archer in a former life?

Great shooting.


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I bought the table sight unseen (other than pictures). When my mechanic and I were taking it appart he mentioned "jeez, these pockets look tight." I was under the table taking out rail bolts and said "good, I like em tight" figuring it would be maybe four and a half or four and three quarte inch pockets. Imagine my suprise when we reassembled it. Next time I have it recovered I'm going to see about having the pockets opened up to four and a half inches.
It's just too tight to enjoy playing on. (The rest of the family has given up on playing on the table.)