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  • This birthday is worthy of a greeting. The big six-oh is a milestone birthday. May this day bring you much joy!

    hey bill: got a video for you but it's not pool. went for a ride in a 10 sec, streetable, blown, 55 chev today. this was on pump gas and a fried plug wire. the builder and driver is mark artis from . cool guy... he builds some amazing cars.
    Bill any chance we can get together soon for some 14.1 or just pool of any kind?
    I have accepted a new position in McCook, Illinois and will start that job on June 15th so I am leaving for Chicago on June 14th.
    We really should get together at least once before I leave then maybe I could use what I learn against Dennis when I get out there....:)}
    Marop I miss u already!! Lol get home safe and thanks so much for all the help and support you are truly awesome
    hey Marop: thanks for the accolade re: the "why" thread. we are of the same generation. if you ever come to texass, send me a note and we can get together for some straight. your prowess in this regard precedes you.
    Are you checking on the cur man?

    Did you see the new guy highrun26 posted on the champion thread. He must have done his calculations again and went for a new name.
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