Aaron Astle


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I just saw the future of a great pool cue
If you love south west cues,you will also like Aaron Astle

I don't know how to write a fancy review,but i just chalked this beautiful cue and ran a rack
I can't tell you how it feels,I was just having fun drawing my ball and watching the ease with which it followed

Some of this might have something to do ith the fact i used the extension on every shot

The cues already have a 4 year wait and sell for a premium on the after market so it will probably be a 10 year wait

Will someone please post my pictures in the FS section to here or better yet go to the gallery andget a copy of ga9 ball

I boldly predict you are looking at the next phenom
PS I will not be buying more I am too old to wait 4 years,so please realize I am not t
up to one of my sales campaigns

I invite others who have Astle cues to post pictures and comments here