ACS 2019 Nationals


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Our league attended the last few years. A well-run event. Smaller and less glossy version of the BCAPL World Championships. The strip location is a plus. Smoking area and bathrooms are very close to tables...another plus. They use an app which gives alerts that you match is coming up...another plus.


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I went a few years back. It was a well run event and the flamingo is fine. I thought the restaurant selection at the hotel sucked so we walked over to the mgm to eat. We finished high but the pay outs were terrible. I don’t usually care about pay outs.. I play for the love of the game and any money won is just a bonus but it was a long way to travel for a small event. I wouldn’t go again.


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Going on now this week. Streaming via Cue Sports Live on facebook. Anyone from this forum made the trip?

I went the first year, 2006?
I had previously attended the BCAPL Nationals and asked my buddy if he wanted to check out the brackets to see which one we were in? At BCAPL there were many 64 team brackets and you had to get to the final 4(winner or loser) of your bracket to make the BIG BOARD, final 128 teams.
Well, we walked down the the pool room and found THE board, it was a 128 team bracket with many byes. There was a total of 96 teams from all over the country. Very low turnout compared to BCAPL. I told my buddy, "whether we got out in 2 matches or win this whole thing, this is the last time I come for this event."

Curious, how many teams do they have this year?


My sons team just played in this event. He played in the open division. The team is made up of a 12, 13, 15, 19 and a 20 year old. They finished 9th super proud of them. But for how much it cost me to take these kids out there it did not make sense with the payouts. These kids won the state tournament and it paid out more than the winner at this event. They did have fun in Las Vegas and met some great people at the tournament, but I dont think we will do it again.

Positively Ralf

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From the posts here, it sounds like a well ran event and it's in a perfect location with easy access to everything but the payouts are not worth it if you are traveling from far.

IS the ACS one of those governing bodies that needs to rethink a few things?


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The ACS Natls enjoyed another 10% jump in attendance this year from the team #s I counted. They added $42,000 to the prize fund (BCAPL can't match that per head), but it's spread across 26 divisions of play...and they believe in paying down as far as they can (preferring not to be top-heavy). I heard a lot of compliments from attendees I heard from. With the ACS sanctioning pretty much the same as BCAPL, but only $10/player...and ACS having the mid-May dates that BCAPL used to have (catering to the end-of-league year season), I've observed the ACS Natls is growing and taking advantage of the BCAPL Natls taking a nose dive. Whatever they're doing, it's working!


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Sounds similar to the event I am attending currently -the VNEA nationals at Bally's.
It's well run also but it's just too many matches back to back for me.