Adams? Helmstetter?


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I picked up this stick today and I used the Forums search function to get
a plethora of info. But there are still some questions to be answered.

>Is this cue an Adams or a Helmstetter?

>Did either of these gentlemen produce any cues before the operation was transferred to Japan?

>What is the model # of cue and approximately when was it made? ( It has a brass joint and the original red bumper)

>What is the significance of Jim Rempe 'standing' logo versus Jim Rempe 'down on his shot' logo on the butt sleeve?

I'm sorry for the poor picture quality but I know that you guys are familiar with the cue. Any answers you can give me will be greatly appreciated.:scratchhead:


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This is an 1970's, later 70's Adams cue for Jim Rempe Series

Anyway, from what I have learned, the standing Rempe figures are the earlier Adams and the bending over shooting icon of Jim is a bit later, but we are only talking a couple of years. Theses were made in the mid to late 1970's.

Hope this helps

Mike 'acedonkeyace' Kennedy


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They are Adam cues.

Helmstetter started the company in Japan but he did make cues here before he did that....these cues are definitely made in Japan though.

I have a couple of examples, good shooters, well made.

I have heard various stories about the logo and am not sure which are correct. Some cues didn't even have the logo, just the signature. In other words you can find the exact same cue, apparently made at about the same time, and one will not have the logo and the other will.

I think the mushroom bumper like yours is a later bumper, the earlier ones had bumpers with screws, my earlier one does while my later one has a bumper like yours. My screw on bumper is brown by the way.


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Helmstetter made cues prior to Adams-Japan. He was in St. Louis with National Billiards, I believe. I also believe that he just set up the shop in Japan and soon after went into golf-gig. I would believe that the signature line on the cue would set the cue in mid-70s but I don't know this. You may try to pm dick neighbors or post in Ask Cuemaker section and you will get quicker response.

Daren Johnson, who is often proven wrong
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