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Finished this up earlier this month. Walnut handle with Birdseye. Black phenolic joint and butt. Ivory ring. Very pleased with how this turned out. Cue is actually much darker in person. I'm not great at picture taking. The felt on my table is actually green but looks blu-ish in the pics... Not sure how to adjust my camera for more true coloring.

Sold. Thanks. shipped within the US. I'll listen to reasonable offers.

I'm an amateur cue maker/hobbyist. Even with that said I think you'll find this to be a nice player. I feel like I'm priced accordingly and so far everyone who's bought a cue from me has been happy.

As with all my cues I don't spray clear, not looking to take that health risk, so I use a safer alternative for a finish that buffs out nicely but won't have a glass like finish that cues with an auto clear have.

I'll give you 48hours to contact me for a return but as long as you got a reasonable expectation I think you'll really like what you get here. You cover the return shipping.

Pin - 3/8 - 10
19.5 oz on my scale
12.7 mm at the base of the ferrule

PM me with any questions. Rolls great on my table and lathe but because its AZB you should expect a taper roll.

Paypal please. Price includes shipping and I'll cover the fees as well. Again, a reasonable offering for a reasonable expectation. Not really looking to trade since I use the money I make from cues to buy more cue making equipment and wood.





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