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  • Finally, the answer to 'when will they ever learn? When will they.... eh-eh-ver... learn?'

    Clearly enough, never. Possibly the 12th of never, even.
    I know that. The ban hammer is always hanging over your head if you disagree but that is not a problem. I can live with that. He backs off usually when he does not have an appropriately snide retort. Thanks.
    Thank you for your advice about the group. I have considered asking Mike Howerton to eliminate the banning in NPR for anything except public swearing after repeated warning, Now it is so arbitrary that it is clearly unfair to certain members. UGOTDA7 is very racist with some of his posts and post with the intent to provoke. He is not the only one but its their world I am just passing through.
    LWW is not my "Dear Leader". I have stayed out of the Hondo threads. I had my say with Hondo years ago to which I have no desire to kindle again. I find the whole thing tiresome and unnecessary……...
    my number is 3122734199 by the me when you get a really like to have that cue
    Im interested in that vintage Ricco Cervantes cue.....drop me a line....and ill take it off your hands
    How much do u want for it... I'm looking for one for myself to convert and keep as my player.. Maybe we can do some bardering.. 208-705-6977 Jim
    I really detest ugo! He is a sick dude as far as I'm concerned! He is convinced he's the smartest poster in this forum! He seldom debates and instead ridicules posters he disagrees with.
    What happened to his buddy bamadog? Haven't seen him on here in a while.
    He claims to be smart but I don't see it. He reminds me of LWW, once you pin him down on something he starts a new thread.

    Good to hear I am not alone here.

    No, thank you!!! Whether you did it on purpose or not, bama got trapped. Poor guy just can't get his tit out of that wringer. I love it!!
    well, if you wake up and see the light about Obama, and what he really is, we will be on the same page pretty often :) I saw him close up and personal in Illinois. So, yeah, I have an axe to grind with him more than most. I really hoped he would do good and not become a "political" president and throw away his Chicago cronies, and NOT take them to DC with him. But he did exactly that..... oh well,,, only one more year to go...take care.
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