Alex brick died 11-18-15


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Did not know him. By the posts here I wish I had met him.
Condolences to the family


Gerbil Jeff
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I know this is late coming, but being away from the pool scene I only found out about Alex this past weekend. My condolences to his family and friends.

Adam, I remember meeting you and Alex around the same time at the pool tournaments at Rons in Jonesboro back in the early to mid 90s or so. He was a hell of a player and won quite a few of those tournaments as I remember, even as inconsistent as those tables played!

Later when Alex got into cuemaking I had one of his earlier cues...wish I still did. Years later when I started building a few cues I remember reaching out to Alex many times for his help and he never let me down. This was back when he had his little shop in the back of Players.

Alex was a great guy and he will be missed.

RIP Alex.

Jeff - J. Alan Cues


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Sad to hear of this. I took six months off from AZ and didn't hear until this popped up today. Didn't know him but saw his work a few times and it was impressive.


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Jazznpool nailed it. Alex was truly an honorable man. A rare breed these days. I'm very late getting here but I've been away for a while and didn't get to speak to him before he passed. He taught me more than just cue building and machine work and I will miss him.


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I'm late to this also. I had a few dealings with and we spoke a few times on the phone. Once he added ivory rings to a cue he was building for me. I asked how much, he replied he was just doing it because he thought the Q would look better and that's the way he wanted it to leave the shop. No charge. It was a pleasure to do business with and a nice guy

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