Alton has done it again. He has hit a home run making caps for my snakewood Gina!!!


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The best cap maker in the world has completed another set of joint protectors for me. They couldn't turned out any better. He has built me some amazing works of art and has became a fantastic friend. We talk online a lot about cues, life, the crazy ass world we live in and even baseball. Thank you Alton!!!!

A little bit about the cue. I've been waiting for the right Gina to come along. This cue came out of an estate. It's in pristine condition. Unbelievable for a cue built 27 years ago in 1990. Four shafts. Silver veneers, ultra fancy rings and gorgeous congac kangaroo wrap that feels like silk. In my opinion, Ernie is the greatest cuemaker in history.

I love playing with this cue.


tc in l a

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Beautiful combination..

from two of the best artists with my favorite that snakewood

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The greatest thing about Ernie is he sets trends. He raised the bar constantly for years! True genius IMO!