American Eagle cue tips


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looking for feedback from anyone who has used american eagle black cue tips from how did they perform..did u like them?...etc.. thanx in advance to all replies

Michael Webb

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I am trying the soft now, I tried the medium 2 weeks ago. so far I like the way they play, I haven't miscued. The medium wears into a medium hard which I consider normal.

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I installed a Med for a customer a couple of days ago. I was at the hall when he was practicing. By the end of his session, I asked him what he thought.

He said that he liked it much better than the Moori that I removed for the Eagle.

At that time, I also put a Soft black on one of mine and played for one night.

Like Mike mentioned, the soft seemed to pack to a Med Soft which is also to be expected.

They are very well made and install nicely. When I cut the tip, it cut like butter with long ribbons of leather.

For the price you can get these for at CC, they are well worth a try out.

So far and I don't expect it to happen, mine held its shape nicely with no mushrooming.

Super tall tips like a Kamui so you will get much use from them. Or you have the option of trimming them down a tad.
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American Eagle tip

Bought a couple Karomi and American Eagle from CueComp. Used to play with only Kamui (S) but switched to Sniper over a year now. Got more action with Sniper over Kamui. Tried Kamui again a few months back just to see...same result...back to Sniper. I installed a (M Blk) Karomi on same shaft. Reminded me of the Kamui. Installed (S Brown) American Eagle little over a week now and just love it. Will be ordering more including the black.